Picture Perfect: Infographics

While infographics (information graphics) is a long established form of communication, we have entered an era when a wealth of data, digital technology  and a visually-educated reader have all  come together. We can now present information in a new dynamic way.  Computer graphics and video have extended the use of Infographics from newspapers and magazines into the digital media. Anyone who needs to present information using a lot of research figures or simplify a complicated series of connected events will need to turn to Infographics which can combine data will illustration. Participants on this two-day course must have their own laptop with graphics programmes installed.

Course content

Module 1
Introduction to the subject with a history of its development covering magazines and signage.

Module 2
The digital revolution and expansion of media platforms; new opportunities, drilling down with Infographics, working with video. The 4 types of Infographics and the 4 sub-types.

Module 3
Internal organisations; planning the work; qualities and training for better designers; software tools; research. Group assignment to create infographic from data.

Module 4
The value of typography; how to create of exciting and avoid boring infographics; using illustration and photography; colour communications; target audiences; giving data life; how to judge an infographic.

Module 5
Creating headlines, text tips; planning the flow of information; team creation of infographic for narrative news story.

  • Date: To be confirmed
  • Time: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Venue: Marketing Institute of Singapore, North Bridge Road campus
  • Course fee: To be confirmed
  • Special Rate: Register 3 or more participants (15% discount)
  • Email: info@thecommunicationsclinic.asia

Allein Moore began his career as a typographer and went on to be an award winning writer and art director in London. After three decades as a creative director in international advertising agencies, Allein moved into publishing where two of his magazine won two awards at the Society of Publishers Awards, Hong Kong. His interest in Infographics was reawakened when he developed a course for WAN-Ifra, the international printing and publishing association. Allein has spoken at publishing conferences as well as presenting at design forums.

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