Typography: The Subtle Conversation

Once upon a time, the selection of type used on advertisements and brochures was in the hands of professionals – typesetters, typographers and trained designers. Today many people have to make decisions of a choice of typefaces – size, font etc. with no training or understanding of the development and characteristics of letterforms. Type will create an unconscious conversation with the reader and can enhance or detract from the intended communication. This is a short, one day course introducing participants to the art of typography.

Course content

History of letterforms and the development of type, developing an appreciation of the art and importance of typography, identifying the type families, the influence of society, publishing and advertising on letterforms, choosing suitable typefaces, how to make informed decisions for the task in hand, modern type designs and current influencers, learning to use type as a design element.

  • Date: To be confirmed
  • Time: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Venue: Marketing Institute of Singapore, North Bridge Road campus
  • Course fee: $200.00 per participant
  • Special Rate: Register 3 or more participants (15% discount)
  • Email: info@thecommunicationsclinic.asia

Allein Moore set and printed from his own printing machine while still a student and his first job was as a typographer. He was for many years a member of the Society of Typographic Designers. He went on to be an award-winning art director and creative director in London and Singapore advertising agencies.

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